Telo 101 : THE SURF

Two resort boats are available to take passengers to any of the breaks in the Telo group. 30’ Sport Fisher, Mikumba Sport, will be utilized to access the breaks a bit further away 20 minutes to 2 hours; most surfing is within 30 minutes by boat, but some excellent options do exist further afield. Mikumba Fish is fast and equipped with toilet and shower so very comfortable for a full day of surf exploration. The smaller 20’ shaded tender is available to access the many breaks nearby including Sipika and GT’s.

The surf in this region is very consistent and there are a few breaks that are real swell magnets producing fun head high surf even on very small swell. Most people consider the “Surf Season” in Indonesia to run March through October, but the reality is this region of the world receives great surf year round; even during the November to February time period which sees very little surf tourism.

Sipika breaks several hundred yards in front of Telos 101. This long right hander can be a bit shifty but picks up lots of swell and can produce some of the longest waves in the zone.
Churches is a long left that can throw up a tube in two separate sections perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer.
GT’s is a super fun, super tubular right about 5 minutes from the lodge. Named after Aussie legend Grant Thomas who holds the Telo island lodge Bintang record.
Pinnacles is a fun wave suited to novice surfers learning to ride reef breaks, set in a beautiful environment surrounded by rain forest and palm trees.
Schoolyards is made up of three separate waves all of which work on different swell directions, the “yard” is about 20 minutes from the lodge. All these waves are rights.
Le Ba is another pretty right that runs along the edge of a nearby island. Suits beginners to intermediate surfers. 20 minutes from the lodge.
The Bubble – Suited to advanced-level surfers, the bubble is a super-sucky right that does a 180-degree wrap. 20 minutes from the lodge.
The E.R. is made up of two separate reef passes: two lefts and three rights. Best on a very light to medium swell, the E.R. has a wave suited to levels of all experience.
Zippers is a super-fast, racing left tube over a shallow reef that is Black Diamond Plus. 20 minutes from the lodge.
Dislocators is a shallow tubing left suited to intermediate to advanced surfers, 28 minutes from the lodge.
Wegs is an amazing coral point with nothing but high speed tubes. Best for intermediate to advanced surfers, 35 minutes from the lodge.
AND MORE!! There are some secret waves down the south end of the chain 1-2 hours away. Under certain conditions if guests would like these breaks can be an excellent full day option.