Surfing at Salani Surf Resort

Salani has access to a number of breaks around the island with the Left and Right being only a 5-minute boat ride away. With moorings at each spot for safety, and the health of the reef, it can also ideal for photo/video shots. In general surf in Samoa is recommended for the intermediate or better surfer, and is generally not for longboarders; having made that statement, there are often times that people on any ability can paddle out and have fun. Samoa has gained a reputation for being particularly heavy with sharp shallow reefs which is not always the case. Salani Right has a relatively dead and flat reef, with other breaks like Tiavea offering smooth cobblestone river-rock bottom.

Salani Right: Our “every day” wave, and this wave will barrel at any size- and handle it! With multiple take-off spots; the right is a shorter wave that can either barrel from start to finish or be a combo of open face sections and barrels. South is the preferred swell direction; the wave gets longer with a SW swell, and shorter with a SE swell. There is a large clearly defined channel and current to carry you back out to the line up. Can be surfed on lower tides depending on the size and swell direction.

Salani Left: With a clean lined up ground swell is a “goofy footers dream”. It’s a long fast breaking full barrel ride over coral reef/flat rock that gets faster, and hollower as you go down the line. This wave is typically surfed from 2-10’ faces. The wave does not end very close to the channel, so on bigger days getting back out can be a little tricky. Best at medium tide with SE swell Great view of this wave from the guest fales; tends to get the guests moving in the morning when they see spitting barrels from their decks!

The Island: Twenty-five minutes by boat along the inner reef lays “The Island”. About 2 Kms (1¼ mile) offshore this paradisiacal island has a powerful left that reels off over a beautiful coral reef. Surfing and diving in this crystal clear water is just unreal. Accessed only around high tide and best on the medium to bigger swells, this spot is a great alternative when the trade winds are onshore out front; as at the island it’s offshore. Depending on ones skill level you can surf up the reef for long hollow walls, or down near the end of the reef closer to the safety of the channel.

Tiavea: A large bay located on the NE coast containing 4 separate waves; a big wave right hander off one end, a fast shallow left off the other side, and a nice river mouth in the middle. The river mouth is a left and right breaking over cobblestone and flat reef bottom. Tiavea bay is an excellent option during the North swell season if the S coast is not showing enough activity, or sometimes during the S swell months if the south coast breaks are heavier then you may desire.

There are several other breaks available that Salani access on a rare occasion due to their distant location of being fickle in nature. Some of these breaks are accessed by boat only, others by overland transfers. The key is to listen to your surf guides when they are explaining the conditions and what to expect at each locations. If there is something special happening they will let you know all about it.

Note- most breaks in Samoa are well offshore, often with strong currents and tides and are therefore difficult to access. Salani Surf Resort minimizes the time and hassle in surfing these waves whilst striving to provide safe, fast, guided access to the best waves. It is also important to note that surfing is not allowed on Sunday at most of the breaks. There are some breaks that can be surfed on Sunday such as Boulders or some spots on the east coast; if these breaks are working Salani guides will get you there. If surf is not an option some activities will be organized such as beach picnic &/or snorkeling. The Sunday church service is also a great experience even for those who are not necessarily religious