Chicama Surf Resort, Peru

Chicama is the perfect wave you drew in your math book when you daydreamed in high school.  Seeing is believing, and surfing it is beyond belief. The Chicama experience is not what you expected and more than you expect. To catch this left point firing at six feet is to dream about it for the rest of your life.

A quality, comfortable, resort is what Chicama has needed for many years, going back to the middle 1960s, when a Hawaiian flying home looked down from the plane and saw impossibly long lines wrapping around a point. For the next 40 or so years, surfers making the pilgrimage to Chicama made do with accommodation in the fishing village of Puerto Malabrigo. Surfers stayed in small hotels and local homes and some even camped, but Chicama needed something more.

And now it has just that. Chicama Surf Resort is the “brain child” of some Peruvian surfers who have been traveling the globe since the 1970s. After seeing the world from Alaska to Zanzibar, these Peruvians understood what their country had to offer, and chose Chicama as the perfect spot to build a luxury resort that brought together the best of all they had seen in their travels.

In 2006 they put their dreams into action and built the Chicama Surf Resort. Thoroughly modern from the ground up there is nothing left to chance. There are 19 beautifully appointed rooms with balconies and a million dollar view of those winding lefts that start at the top of the point and go forever.

All of the facilities from the restaurant to the bar to the gym and saunas to the swimming pool are thoroughly modern and first rate. The staff is there to accommodate your every need, and get you into the surf and back again in safety and comfort. The helping hands extend all the way out to the lineup as Chicama Surf Resort offers a boat service which picks up surfers at the tail end of those long rides and whisks them back to the top of the lineup – saving time, energy and leg and arm muscles.