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Cardon Adventure Resort, Mexico

Many of the flights down to coastal Mexico go along the coast and surfers who end up in window seats often find themselves with nosebleeds from pressing against the windows as they drool over all the surf potential revealing itself 20,000 feet below.

One of the areas that has seen by many from above, but not so many at sea level is the coast north of Mazatlan. Looking down on this area from on high, it would be easy write it off: “That’s almost up in the Sea of Cortez! Almost across from Cabo San Lucas. They can’t get any swell up there!?”

On the contrary, the Sea of Cortez funnels swell toward this part of the mainland coast, and points it directly at the coastline where Cardon Adventure Resort is perfectly situated within walking distance between two classic, sand-bottomed, south swell loving left points.

If you have the yearn, the yearn to turn, this is the place for you as Cardon offers almost exclusive access to two long, classic left points. Catch it during a swell, and you will be yakking about it for years to come.