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Matanchen Bay is no longer the Guinness World record holder for longest rideable wave, but for many years – many decades – this long point break north of San Blas held the Guinness World Record for Longest Surfable Wave. The record goes back to the 1950s when mainland Mexico was one of the first destinations for intrepid traveling U.S. surfers. This was a time when jet travel was rare, and San Blas was about as far as a surfer could safely take a rattle-trap, prop driven DC 9, or a rattle-trap Woody (or the family Bel Air) for a two-week or month-long trip, without giving up on jobs, families and homes back in civilian life.

To surfers of the 50s, Matanchen Bay was their Chicama or Jeffrey's Bay or Grajagan. A lot of surf spots have been pioneered and conquered since then, but mainland Mexico remains a big adventure for surfers. As the surfing world’s attention has been diverted from Alaska to Zanzibar, mainland Mexico remains one of the least-explored regions in the known surf world. From Mazatlan to Guatemala, mainland Mexico offers over 2000 miles of lush, tropical Pacific coastline, a wide-open, year-round swell window, and close proximity to both west and east Coast U.S. surf centers. Mexico is the perfect place for a quick getaway-accessible adventure to fit anybody's budget and schedule.

WaterWays Travel specializes in the Mazatlán area and Salina Cruz region in the south. Long points, powerful, hollow beachbreaks-it's all here.