Macaronis Surf Resort OTHER ACTIVITIES

If you like wild life, Macaroni’s Resort is wild enough by land and sea. The Silabu lagoon is teeming with squid, various crab species including mud crab, octopus, sea snails, mangrove jack, red snapper, mullet, yellow tipped trevally, blue tipped trevally and scorpion fish.

Fishing outside of the reef is popular too as you can catch giant trevally, king mackeral/tengirri, mahi mahi, sailfish and sometimes even black marlin.

The jungle is home to wild black spotted deer, wild boar, endangered Pagai monkeys, macaques, flying squirrels and the crested serpent eagle. The jungle is also home to some of the largest snakes in the world including reticulated pythons that grow as thick as a tree trunk, king cobra and green tree vipers. Water dragons (similar to Australian goanna and known locally as Buayak) are also plentiful, growing up to two meters in length.

Is that wild enough for you? Adventurous guests will go on guided hikes or rent motorcycles to explore the jungle or visit the local villages of Silabu and Betamonga.

When surf conditions are not optimum, guests can go snorkeling, spear fishing (2 quality spear guns available) game fishing or trawling for fish species including Grapu, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackeral, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish etc.

Two Sea Kayaks and one Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) are available for guests to have a paddle around the lagoon or coastline, great for couples to paddle over to Fish Fingers Beach for some private time and a swim.