Kandui Villas®® :: OTHER ACTIVITIES

Kandui Villas® is the first surf resort in the Mentawai to build a fresh-water swimming pool on the edge of the jungle – and that pool is going to be very popular with surfers, divers, fishermen and other guests wanting to wash away the sun and the salt after a long day in the tropical ocean.

While most of the guests at Kandui Villas® are completely surf-crazed and follow a routine of eat, sleep, surf, some of them slow down long enough to look around and realize they are in one of the most exotic, spectacularly beautiful places in the world. Just being here, on the edge of the jungle, as far away from the trouble and strife of the 21st Century is enough for most.

Non-surfers, and maybe even a few surfers, will enjoy just relaxing by the swimming pool, reading, taking hikes along the beach and into the jungle, visiting local villages to buy mementos and memories and presents for the folks back home, snorkeling and free diving on the reefs and fishing for your supper. Don’t forget the SPA which can easily become part of the daily routine.

Playing poker or Scrabble or volleyball might seem mundane, but it’s all exotic when done in an island of modern civilization with the jungle and the ocean all around you. For those who want to stay connected with the outside world, Kandui Villas® also has a big screen TV connected to a satellite dish. And there is also Internet access.