Kandui Villas®, Mentawais

Tired of having to choose world class waves or world class accommodations? It is no longer an issue. Introducing Kandui Villas®: The next level of luxury surf travel.

From the founder of Kandui Resort, Kandui Villas® is situated on Karangmajet Island, directly in front of Kandui left, and Baby Kandui, in the middle of the surf mecca known as 'Playgrounds'.

Kandui Villas® offer twelve private bungalows - known in the Mentawai as umas - made of the finest quality local hardwoods. Intelligently designed, the umas combine traditional Mentawai craftsmanship with modern day luxury and amenities.  Each uma is hand carved to a theme, inspired by natural surroundings.

Part of the inspiration of Kandui Villas® is to provide a place on the edge of the jungle and the sea, where a surf traveler could feel comfortable and confident enough to bring their significant other and families.  Kandui Villas® offer the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra,  as well as a restaurant, bar, game room and spa.  A nanny service can be easily arranged upon request.  Another outstanding feature at Kandui Beach Villas includes fresh organic vegetables grown in an Eco-friendly garden.  Locally caught seafood is also on the menu.

Whether you choose to surf the world’s best waves, or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas® will not disappoint.  Kandui Villas® also offers world-class fishing, snorkeling, volleyball, pool, ping pong, SPA and local cultural tours.

Kandui Villas® has contributed greatly to the local Mentawai people.  From day one they have provided employment and opportunity for the local people bringing hundreds of jobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Mentawai economy.  With the support of surfers and adventure travelers, Kandui Villas® hope to continue this win/win situation.

Kandui Villas® will be opening June 1st 2011 and they encourage early bookings so experienced Mentawai travelers and newcomers can take advantage of the ultimate Kandui experience.  Reserve your spot now.