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Dreamweaver Yacht Charter, Lombok / Sumbawa

Other Activities

Fishing and diving are world-class, and a good way to keep the fridge stocked and your sashimi fresh. Surfing all day in the hot sun makes a surfer hungry, and there is no better fuel than fresh fish, rice, veggies and a cold Bintang. If surf is small and you have the energy, wakeboarding behind the dingy is a fun afternoon workout.

Dreamweaver calls into bays that are completely isolated and other coves and beaches that have traditional Indo villages, and the occasional luxury resort.  Shore trips are fun for shopping, meeting other travelers, getting a taste of life on land in the Indonesian archipelago. Or just walking, in awe, along miles of miles of beautiful beaches, rimmed with coral, backed by the jungle.

And not a strip mall for 500 miles.