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Jeffrey's Bay


J Bay is one of the top ten most perfect waves on the planet. You’ve dreamed about J Bay, seen a zillion photos and videos, mind-surfed it for years. Aren’t you curious to see how you go for real? Surfing J Bay is like getting behind the wheel of a vintage Jag or Ferrari: raw beautiful speed, drift through the turns, accelerate in the straights, go man go. Express yourself.

The many points of Jeffrey’s Bay are the main attraction to this part of the world, but not the only attraction. An hour’s drive either way from J Bay are dozens of surf spots: reefs, beach breaks and other points. Surfer Magazine recently included Jeffrey’s Bay in its list of Meccas – surf trips that all surfers must make.

WaterWays Travel agrees and we have a variety of packages to accommodate everyone, from the budget traveler and beginner surfer, to those who want luxury, and who want nothing more to jump off the rocks at Super Tubes and have a go when it’s 8 to 10 feet, with 15 knot offshores.

Your local hosts are Robin van de Linde and Etenne Venter. Robin, with a background in hospitality relocated to Jeffrey’s Bay in 2004. Over some time he connected with legends and big names in the local surfing industry, amongst them Etienne Venter. Etienne is the owner of the “Jeffreys Bay Surf School”, selector of the National Springbok Surf Team and contest director for the S.A. Junior Series. If anyone knows anything about surfing J-Bay, it would be Etienne, well known and respected by all in Jeffrey’s Bay. The balanced mix of Robin’s organizational skills with Etienne’s surf experience and intimate knowledge of the area, people and waves is the perfect foundation for J-Bay Surf trips.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer you will have use of Jeffrey’s Bay Surf School for daily surf lessons. Depending on the weather and surf reports, instructors who are S.S.A/E.P qualified lifeguards and S.S.A Level Three instructors will take you around to the best spots for each day - so good surf is hard to avoid. Visitors who don’t want surf lessons will go on a surfari with knowledgeable local surf guides, to visit the best spots ranging from Seal Point to Victoria Bay given daily conditions. A huge selection of surf equipment from soft-tops to hand-shaped boards, all kinds of wetsuits and other water sports equipment is included in all packages.

Each day you are picked up and dropped off at your accommodation and the equipment is provided, if needed, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the trip.