Gurahali Yacht Charter

Cruise through the Central & Outer Atolls on the Gurahali with charters operating from May to October.



Gurahali is 90ft hardwood sailing cruiser that combines centuries-old Maldivian design with the best in 21st Century propulsion, navigation, communication, comfort, service and cuisine.

She is a beautiful yacht with heaps of space and shade to stretch out, relax and recover with accommodation for as many as 18 guests (10 surfers max on open charters).

Cruise through the Central on the Gurahali with charters operating from May to October.



The Gurahali is a 90’ timber vessel built in 2008 and operated by top Maldivian charter company Voyages Maldives. Fully air conditioned throughout, there are six en-suite cabins with double size bunk beds plus one en-suite cabin with double bed and single bed.

Gurahali has spacious bar and dining areas; sun deck and shaded open-air deck spaces; lounge and entertainment system, Wi-Fi, TV/DVD/Music & BOSE home theatre system with surround sound.

For additional support there is a dinghy and support dhoni at your disposal.

Central and Outer Atoll tours bookings are either for exclusive groups starting at 7 surfers minimum or mixed group charters up to a maximum of 10 surfers.



The Surf Season runs from mid February to November, when low pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean generate consistent swells. The early part of the season has the most stable weather, with light, favorable winds. Swell consistency and size improves from February, with March, April and May having very clean conditions.

June to August have the most potential for big swells, although tropical storms can be more common in these months.

September and October are also very consistent months for swell, with winds less variable and tropical storms becoming less frequent. November is still quite consistent for small to medium size waves and the weather is usually perfect for a beach holiday.


Gurahali operates on a ‘request’ basis only for full groups and arrangements can be made at the time of booking for the yacht to be positioned anywhere throughout the atolls. Our experienced surf guides will make sure you are in the right place at the right time..

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

The Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean is known as the flattest country in the world. The highest point in all of the Maldives is less than 10 feet above sea level. That unique geography makes the Maldives wide open to wind, weather and swell.

The Maldives have two seasons based on the monsoons that form over Asia: From November to April is Northwest monsoon season when hot dry air flows toward the equator and over the Maldives. The clear skies from November to April attract snowbirds from all over Europe and the world. This is prime tourist season for the Maldives but not prime surf season.

In April and May at the start of the northern hemisphere summer, Low pressure areas attract cool moist winds flowing from the Indian Ocean in the southwest across the Maldives. The southwest monsoon lasts from May to October, which is also prime surf season as southern hemisphere winter Low pressure systems off Antarctica spray long energy bands NW across the Indian Ocean.

As the Maldives straddle the equator the effects of the Monsoon Seasons are minimized. Rain and wind squalls pass through mainly June through August. Air temperatures are in the 80s and 90s while the water temperature is in the 80s year-around.

To sum it all up, the surf in the Maldives is best from late February through October, with the biggest months, June, July and August often getting rain from the wet winds of the southwest monsoon.



The Maldives are Water World, so anything fun you can think of above and below the surface of the water is first rate in this archipelago: diving, fishing, spear fishing, SUP, kite surfing. The comforts of Gurahali make it perfect for resting and relaxing, catching up on reading and just plain snoozing for hours at a time – knowing the surf will be there when you wake up, followed by wining and dining.

Resort island visits can be arranged for a disco night; band or cultural show and for use of a Spa or Dive Centre.

On/off site activities include:

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • SUP
  • Kite surfing
  • Reading
  • Napping
  • Island visits (Spa or Dive Center)



Package Includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Meals on board
  • 1.5 ltrs bottled water per day
  • Tea & coffee
  • Support dhoni
  • All surf transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Experienced surf guide
  • Local taxes

2016 Package Pricing

Package Includes:

  • Accommodations based on double occupancy, meals on board, 1.5 ltrs bottled water per day, tea, coffee, support dhoni, all surf transfers, airport transfers experienced surf guide, local taxes.
  • Gurahali can Accommodate up to 14 Guests:
  • 6 Twin Cabins
  • 1 Double Cabin
  • Please Inquire for Outer Atoll Pricing

2016 Pricing

10 Nights Central Atolls, Sail Down / Sail Back

Surfer # Group Rates P/P Extra Nts
6 Surfers $ 3,738 $ 364
7 Surfers $ 3,624 $ 353
8 Surfers $ 3,537 $ 345
9 Surfers $ 3,468 $ 338
10 + Surfers $ 3,396 $ 331

10 Nights Central Atolls Only

Surfer # Group Rates P/P Extra Nts
6 Surfers $ 4,513 $ 364
7 Surfers $ 4,354 $ 353
8 Surfers $ 4,233 $ 345
9 Surfers $ 4,138 $ 338
10 + Surfers $ 4,045 $ 331
Rates above include roundtrip Inter Atoll Flights

10 Nights Central Atolls One Way Charter

Surfer # Group Rates P/P Extra Nts
6 Surfers $ 4,126 $ 364
7 Surfers $ 3,989 $ 353
8 Surfers $ 3,885 $ 345
9 Surfers $ 3,803 $ 338
10 + Surfers $ 3,721 $ 331
Rates above include One Way Inter Atoll Flights

$1000 nonrefundable deposit per person due upon confirmation. Final payment due 90 days prior to departure. Price subject to fluctuation.