Surf Trip Destination in East Java, Indonesia


Located in the idyllic setting of the small fishing village of Pacitan, East Java; IstanaOmbak is a one of the rare gems left of world class surf & very thin crowds.



Your trip starts in Yogyakarta, Java where you are met by a friendly representative of IstanaOmbak resort. The drive is approx. 3 hours through diverse scenery from Javanese jungle terrain until you arrive at the incredible postcard like bay.

In this region of Java, there is no G-Land or Desert Point but there are at least half a dozen great waves of all types to be had, catering for all levels of surfers. Get ready to be surprised. There are also many unsurfed breaks ready to be explored and we have the guides to get you there. The resort caters for the surfer who has limited time and wants to experience a surf trip without all the hassle.

Located in the idyllic setting of the small fishing village of Pacitan, East Java; IstanaOmbak is a one of the rare gems left of world class surf & very thin crowds. Meaning “wave palace” in the native Javanese language, IstanaOmbak is located right on a bay with a world class left & right breaking into the deep channel in the middle just a short paddle from the beach. Your surf experience at IstanaOmbak is not limited to the surf out front and your expert hosts are happy to show you other surf spots within close proximity. At least half a dozen other breaks catering to all standards are within an hour’s drive. Non Surfers will be as happy as surfers; snorkeling, sunbaking on the pristine sand beach or by the infinity pool, or strolling through the local village. Packages are all inclusive and all meals and drinks including beer are included in the package.



The accommodation at IstanaOmbak Resort is super comfortable with well-appointed bungalows featuring private facilities. As you can see in the photos, no expense has been spared in the construction of this eco resort. All materials used are high quality and the timber used is 100% local. The resort is undergoing constant improvements and the additional of the infinity swimming pool is just one example of the ultimate places to chill in between surfs. Those already lucky enough to stay at IstanaOmbak Eco Resort have been blown away by this incredible location. This area of Java is unlike the Indonesia you may have previously experienced. No hawkers, no nightclubs and best of all, NO CROWDS!

Just a total escape from the hustle and bustle of Western society with incredible surf, friendly locals, pristine environment and no mosquitos!

IstanaOmbak’s Resort accommodation includes 7 Bungalows/Rooms as follows.
1. Family Bungalow = 1 Queen + 2 Singles
2. Triple-share Bungalow = 3 Single Beds
3. Twin-share = 2 Single Beds
4. Twin-share = 2 Single Beds
5. Deluxe Double Room = 1 Queen Bed
6. Deluxe Double Room = 1 Queen Bed
7. Beachfront Villa = 4-6 persons across 2 rooms



IstanaOmbak is a bay hosting a left on one side and right on the other with both working consistently and surfable at all tides (although low is for experts only). This East Java bay faces south and catches any kind of swell from south west to the rare south east swell. The best time of the year is the dry season (April through to October) however during the wet season (November to March) there is plenty of swell but the winds tend to be more variable and offshores not as common over this period.

IstanaOmbak Left: The left has many moods, from playful and rippable to heavy, powerful and unpredictable. The more southerly the swell, the longer and more predictable and playful the left will be. Behind the wave a shelf drops quickly to deep water. This rapid transition makes it a really heavy

wave when over five foot, especially at low tide. On bigger swells and lower tides you can get the biggest barrel of your life, but below five foot on high tide it’s a powerful but super rippable wave. Compared to Bingin at under 5, Padang from 6-8′ and Chopes at over 8′.

IstanaOmbak Right: The right is a hollow peak on most tides, providing more rippable waves with more water over the reef. Westerly swells are best for the right, pushing further down the reef for a longer ride. Long-period southwest swells in the two-to-six foot range are ideal. The bigger it is the higher it needs to be. The higher the tide the more it turns into a ripple wave and the end section isn’t too shallow when the swell is bigger than 5 foot. The current can cause bumps up the face on the outgoing tide as the water rushes out over the reef as the channel is very small. When the surfs bigger and the tides lower, it’s for experienced surfers only. When it’s a little higher and small it’s a safe wave for all levels of surfing.

Other Waves: This area of Java has loads of bays and waves‚ many still uncharted because of the landscape, thick forests and lack of access. In saying that, there are several other waves within a short drive and walk, and the resort has a boat to access other spots. But 98 percent of the time you will want to just surf out the front of the resort.

Puncher: Longboard/Shortboard – Basic to Intermediate wave. Rivermouth/beachbreak: 1 hour drive from the property. This is a long left hander that is a great beginner and intermediate wave with an easy take off and a sloping wall to carve along. 1-4 foot is an easy wave and it can break up to 10 foot and if the sand banks are in correct position. This can be a 200 meter-plus wave. Over 4foot for intermediate and experienced surfers… epic longboard wave.

Harbor: Intermediate beach break: 1 hour drive from Istanaombak. Right hander that breaks when there is a decent swell. This breaks around a break wall, a long right that has some nice walled sections and the occasional barrel.

Surfpoint Y: Intermediate wave, 20 mins drive from the property. There are 3 coves here all with waves although there is one cove that has the best of the rest… there is a right hander that barrels and some steep wall sections and then the left hander that is a nice wave both for intermediate surfers.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

April – October
Best breaks: Bay Left & Right, Pancer Beach.

November – March
Best breaks: Bay Rights, Pancer Beach, Harbor and Surfpoint Y.

Note: Even though our scheduled departures run between March and November the resort is open all year and some great wet season waves can be had during the November – March period.



Fishing: Some great fishing awaits in the tropical waters off Java and in the unlikely event of small surf, a boat is ready and waiting for you to jump on and start reeling in some whoppers. Rod and his team love to take you out in their boat and the fishing is amazing in this region. You can also have a crack at spear fishing directly out front of the resort.

Cave Walk: An amazing natural feature is this area of Java is Gong Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in South Asia. The limestone cave is worth visiting even if the surf is pumping and if you can fit it in your schedule you’ll be rewarded.

Bat Island: Visit by cruise boat

Moto Tours: Try a moto tour through the surrounding rainforest or to the nearby river rapids.

Alternatively go snorkeling, swimming or relax at the resort with an in-room massage.



2019 Rates:

Trip Length Per Person COST Extra Night Rate
5 Night/6 Day Surfer Package $ 1,164.00 $ 211.00
5 Night/6 Day Non Surfer Package or Surfer 16 & Under $ 1,058.00 $ 188.00
5 Night/6 Day Non Surfer Package ( Age 8 – 15 Years )  $ 705.00 $ 141.00
5 Night/6 Day Non Surfer Package ( Age 2 – 7 Years ) $ 541.00 $ 70.00

Packages are all inclusive and all meals and drinks including beer are included in the package. Dining will certainly be a highlight at Istanaombak with fresh produce in abundance, fresh lobster and fish to imported meats accompanied by fresh organic fruit and vegetables and cooked in a variety of ways to suit your taste…Traditional Indonesian flavors from Spicy to Mild with some western dishes thrown into the mix.

– New beachfront villa, minimum 4 guests & $25.00 per night, per person surcharge. Sleeps max 6 people in 1 x double & 4 x single beds.
– Guaranteed single room supplement, 25% surcharge