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The philosophy of Turf 'n Surf Lodge & Surf School is to provide good quality, affordable, clean and comfy accommodation with a splash of good humor.



Bundoran is the Surf City of Donegal, and perhaps of Ireland. This is a coastal holiday town in northwest Ireland, about eight miles from Rossnowlagh, forty miles from Easky, 150 miles from Shannon and three hours from Dublin. The centerpiece of Bundoran is The Peak, a reef breaking in a rivermouth cove that can be a barreling right and a smoking left when the conditions cooperate. But The Peak isn’t the only game in town, according to the surf experts at Wikipedia: “ In recent times Bundoran has become synonymous with Irish surfing.  Bundoran is unusual in that it has Surf breaks suitable for beginners and people looking to improve as well as world class surf for those who really know how to carve up the waves.”

TurfnSurf Lodge & Surf School is run with traditional Irish aloha by locals Killian, Mary and their partner Patrick (better known as Po). Located in the center of Bundoran overlooking beautiful Donegal bay and The Peak, the lodge is a turn of the century Victorian building with high ceilings and beautiful bay windows.

The philosophy of TurfnSurf Lodge & Surf School is to provide good quality, affordable, clean and comfy accommodation with a splash of good humor. On top of traditional hospitality, TurfnSurf Lodge & Surf School will introduce beginners to the great sport of surfing, and expose more experienced surfers to the true jewels of the Emerald Isle.

TurfnSurf offers beginner to advanced surf lessons along with surfboard and wetsuit rental. All their instructors are experienced surfers with full Irish Surfing Association (ISA) and/or British Surfing Association (BSA) approved qualifications. They are friendly and fun with safety being the cornerstone to all their surfing activities.

Lodging, surf lessons and also surf tours. The newest offering at TurfnSurf is a road trip to several locations in Ireland. The lads will pick you up at the airport or train station if you wish, and whisk you and three friends to any of the three main surfing regions: Donegal, Sligo and Clare.



The TurfnSurf Lodge & Surf School is a fully renovated Victorian with high ceilings on the sea front centrally located overlooking the bay. The lodge has a selection of double, twin, dorm and family rooms. All rooms are heated, have ensuite bathroom and TV. Linen and towels are provided as standard.

A continental breakfast is provided to all guests between 8:30 and 10:30 in the morning. Breakfast includes tea, coffee, toast, fruit, orange juice and a variety of cereals. There are restaurants of all sorts in the immediate area, and “pub grub” is Ireland is famous.

The Lodge has a chill out room with a view of Donegal Bay and free WiFi to keep tabs on the rest of the world. Free parking, changing room and lock up facilities for all your gear.

The atmosphere at TurfnSurf is social and friendly. Your hosts are available at all times for any special requests to make your stay more comfortable, or to recommend and arrange any local activities and sight seeing. It is important to remember that you are staying with the locals, so you will made feel part of the community.



Bundoran is about halfway between Rossnowlagh and Easky which is about 30 miles as the crow files, but because this is Ireland, it’s about three times that distance of coastline. There are a dozen known setups either side of Bundoran, and all within range of surfers from beginners to hellmen.

The Peak is the center attraction of Bundoran, a classic rivermouth reef that goes both ways with equal quality – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Catch the Peak on a big day with offshore winds and you will find yourself at the pub, babbling about “a cold water Macaronis.”

To the north of Bundoran, Tullan Strand is a stretch of beachbreaks with lots of room for everyone from beginners to pros. When the winds are offshore along here, which they often are, Tullan fires A frames from one end to the other. This is where the surf school goes, as there is plenty of room, a sand bottom and usually gentle surf on the inside.

Farther north, Rossnowlagh is another stretch of beach between a jetty and a point. Rossnowlagh beach is also popular with beginners, and it’s hard to imagine a more picturesque place to learn how to surf.

Traveling southwest of Bundoran, Streedagh is yet another long strand of golden beach, backed by the green mountains of Eire. Depending on wind, swell and tide, this is a perfect place for beginners, or a perfect place to get shacked.

A little farther to the southeast, Mullaghmore is a bay that is infamous in Irish history and a place that is becoming famous in the surfing world as the Irish version of Mavericks. When the ocean is in full roar, Mullaghmore is a giant left capable of delivering XXL bombs. When it’s smaller, Mullaghmore is a wide beachbreak in front of the harbor – another place that is perfect for average surfers.

Crossing into County Sligo there is another half dozen surfing areas, with Easky being the centerpiece. This area is ringed with right and left points and reefs to numerous to mention, overlooked by towers built to watch for marauding Vikings.

So maraud.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

Ireland lies between 51° and 55° north, which is the equivalent of the Queen Charlotte Islands on the west coast of North America, and Newfoundland on the east coast of North America. Irish weather is northern hemisphere weather but stronger than most North Americans are used to: The winters are harsher, the summers are greener. And fall? Yahoo.

Ireland has four very distinct seasons and two of them are the best for surf. The North Atlantic produces a constant rumble of swell from September to April, but winter months of November through February is generally just too big, cold, windy and gnarly for a lot of people. Summers are warmer and green, but also mostly flat. The Irish spring from March through May is on the cusp between winter and summer, when the weather is easing up but the ocean is still bubbling swell. September and October is Fall and most agree the best time for surfing in Ireland when the weather can still be warm, swell is coming down from the north and up from the south, and the hurricanes off the Southeast coast of North America push warm water up along the west coast of Ireland.

Ireland gets a lot of weather and on any given day throughout the year you will likely hear the weatherman predict sunny skies with rain showers variable winds and mild temperatures with the possibility of a cold front moving through. Air temperatures in Winter and Spring will range from 30 to 60 degrees with water temps in the high 50’s to low 60’s. Summer and Fall air temperatures are much more mild reaching up into the mid to even high 70’s. The big surprise is that the water temperatures in September/October can reach up into the high 60’s or even 70 degrees.



There are few places better to get through a flat spell than Ireland: driving through the countryside, hiking or biking in the hills.  Ireland is also famous for its numerous golf courses, and there are more then a couple in the area.

And there’s always going to the pub. Even the English say if you haven’t had the Guinness in Ireland, you haven’t really had Guinness, and they are right. And once you have watched that magic alchemy swirl and bubble to perfection on a bar in an Irish pub, you might not ever drink it anywhere again.

Ireland gets a lot of wind from all directions and if you have ever wanted to learn to sailboard or kite surf, this could be the place to have a go. History buffs will love poking around in centuries-old churches and buildings that have been inhabited for centuries, or were abandoned in 1840.

Otherwise, if relaxation is more your thing why not try a leisurely stroll along the beach, a revitalizing seaweed bath at one of the many new Spas in the area or a scenic drive and then a spot of lunch. Bundoran also offers wide variety of bars, restaurants, clubs and music venues where you can meet new people or relax with your friends and soak up the experiences of the day.

TurfnSurf Lodge & Surf School is in a central location and conveniences are just meters away – post office, supermarket, local bus stop, to name a few.

On/off site activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Kite boarding
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Music Venues
  • Bars
  • Site seeing


package includes:

  • Airport Pickup/Drop off
  • All transportation
  • A knowledgeable experienced surf guide
  • Comfortable accommodations with private bathroom
  • Breakfast daily

RATES 2019 (USD)

Package Package Price per person Extra Days
7 Night Package $ 1,150 per person
minimum 4 passengers
$ 165 per person
Groups of less then 4 will need to cover the base 4 person group rate.

Come down with a good attitude and enjoy all that is Ireland!