Surfing Tonga, Tonga Surf Charters- Waterways Travel Images

Surfing Tonga, Tonga Surf Charters- Waterways Travel

Tongan surf is of the hollow reef-pass variety – with the accent on variety (except for beachbreaks). Grinding lefts, short, intense right barrels, peaks and long walls: Tongan surf is generally intermediate to advanced. There are reforms inside the reef that are good for beginners, but even beginners will want to wear booties or reef walkers.

While there are over a hundred islands in the archipelago that are mostly unexplored for surf, the northwest corner of the main island has nine surf spots that are within walking distance of each other – with a series of outer reefs that are accessible by boat.

The most consistent large swells generally coincide with the heaviest storm activity in both hemispheres: June through September for the southern hemisphere south swell season and December through February for the northern hemisphere north swell season.  Each year is different. Sometimes the seasons start early and sometimes they finish late but mid-season is usually best.