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Tonga Surfing, Surf Charter Tonga- Waterways Travel

Captain Cook came through Tonga in 1773 and dubbed them “The Friendly Islands”, in part because he arrived during a yearly festival where Tongans brought new harvests fruits to the head chief, the Tui Tonga. In 1810, shipwrecked Englishman William Mariner wrote a history of Tonga and claimed the friendly chiefs wanted to murder Captain Cook, but couldn’t agree on a plan.

The world has a history of leaving Tonga alone. It is the only island nation not to become part of a larger empire and is one of the few constitutional monarchies left in the world. Tonga has 171 islands, with only about 48 inhabited and most of them untapped for surf potential.

Tonga has surf that isn’t as well known as its Hawaiian, Tahitian, Fijian or even Samoan cousins. Tonga is about a third of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand, which puts it in the path of swell from the northern hemisphere winter that has crossed the equator, and also raw energy from the Southern Ocean rumbling and bumbling as it heads north.

Tonga has been mostly overlooked for the last 100 years and that also applies to the surfing world. WaterWays Travel thinks that is a mistake and have aligned with the Ha’atfau Beach Resort on the main island of Tongatapu to show you the best Tonga has to offer. Ha’atafu Beach Resort is a blend of western and Polynesian hospitality with easy access to a dozen Tongan surf spots.