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Ha'atafu Beach Resort :: SURF

Almost all the breaks you can access from Ha’atafu Beach Resort are within a 15 minute walk and 150 meter paddle of the resort.  From April to October south swells from the Southern Ocean and southeast tradewinds favor the lefts at Motels, the wave directly in front of the resort, and the wave you wake up to each morning. The lefts are best this time of year and the rights for the other.   No matter if you go left or right, most surfers tend to stay clear of full low tide.

Given Ha’atafu’s location on the West-northwest coast the South swells need to have some size and power to wrap into these reefs, which happens regularly in June/July.  Anything with west gets in easily, but a Southeast swell has trouble making the wrap into these reefs.

Motels is one of the more consistent surf spots at Ha'atafu. It’s mostly a "fun" wave that gets heavy over eight feet. Motels starts with a fast barreling take-off section that slows a bit then barrels again on the inside.

The Pass is a right and a left, just to the right of the resort. The Pass Lefts is one of easier waves and a popular spot for intermediate surfers and those who aren’t used to coral reef waves. Pass Lefts are good up to head high and when the swell gets bigger, the peak moves out and breaks into a deep shoulder.

Fishtraps is a long lefthander which is best from head-high and bigger but at double overhead it’s a 100 to 200 meter wall that offers a bit of everything: barrels, speed and hotdogging. Surfable at any tide but low tide is sketchy.

For the kamikaze chargers in your crew, Kamikazes is an outer reef, about 150 meters north of Motels, that pops up on big south swells with the proper direction. Every wave is a barrel or a closeout. Helmets, booties and wetsuits recommended. Can you choose wisely?

The Bowl, which is a short, shallow and hollow left barrel can be fickle as it works best on a direct south.

Leftovers is a south swell lefthander that breaks off the same peak as Pass Rights, just across the channel from Pass Lefts. Like the spot of the same name on the North Shore, Leftovers is a B grade wave that is outclassed by other waves but that makes it a good spot for the surfer who wants to be alone with the surf and his thoughts.

Corners breaks winter and summer, but the wave changed dramatically from one season to the next. During winter south swell season it’s fickle and takes a big south swell to fire. But when it does it’s a goofyfoot’s dream. Any west in the swell tends to shut it down near the end section but still popular in these conditions with bodyboarders. Wear some rubber and maybe a helmet.

During summer north swells, Corners is a fun wave. A hollow take-off followed by a barrel section and then another hotdoggable wall.

From November to March north Pacific swells and tropical cyclones combine with east to southeast tradewinds to light up four rights, a left and a chain of offshore reefs: The Peak is a summertime north swell righthander that breaks off the same peak as Kamikazes. The Peak rarely holds bigger than head-high and peels perfectly for 40 meters+ along the reef ending in a key-hole channel close-out (great for reos and boosting airs). A popular spot with local groms from around Tonga and around the world.

The Pass Right is a summer sibling to The Pass Left: a north swell righthander popular with beginners and those who prefer mellow, less intense waves. This spot needs a straight north swell to break well but is usually worth the paddle across the reef.

Lighthouse is two breaks. Outside Lighthouse, which is a fast, hollow righthander and Inside Lighthouse is best on mid to high tides and is an intense barreling wave. A heaving/pitching peak take-off runs into a warping tube that runs into a defined channel. The two waves are separated by a closeout section called The Surgeon’s Table. This is a patch of reef with a message, and the message is: Beware!
Middles is one of the outer reefs, accessible only by boat, a right and left breaking outside in crystal clear water. A beautiful wave in a beautiful spot.
There are other outer reef spots that can be accessed only by resort boat when the conditions are right.  Make sure you listen to Steve if he suggests one of these breaks as a good option for the day.