Ha'atafu Beach Resort :: ACTIVITIES Images

Ha'atafu Beach Resort :: ACTIVITIES

This part of Tongatapu is the most popular snorkeling area in Tonga. The white sand beach leads to crystal clear water where a Technicolor floor show of fish and corals that will keep you mesmerized for hours. There is good fishing outside of the reef for skipjack, tuna, wahoo, and other game fish.   

Additional activates include: Choose a book from the library and catch up on your reading, trips into Nuku’alofa the capital city for a meal, movie or people watching, sea kayaking inside the reef, ping-pong, beach volleyball, movies, board games and island tours. Some activities incur a small additional fee.

The main island itself is a fun place to cruise around and observe a lot of traditional Polynesian people enjoying their Polynesian lives: hula contests, celebrating the King’s birthday. It’s nice a place to see a culture that is only slightly Westernized, protected by a benevolent monarchy who cares about preserving the Polynesian way of life.