Ninamu Resort, Tikehau, Tahiti:: OTHER ACTIVITIES Images

Ninamu Resort, Tikehau, Tahiti:: OTHER ACTIVITIES

Romance and relaxation and good eating, but mostly Ninamu is about water sports. If the surf isn’t happening, or there are non-surfers traveling with you, the inner and outer ring of Tikehau is world class for fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, kite and windsurfing and SUP.

Tuheiava Pass is also one of the best dive spots on the atoll, although surfers might not want to see the abundant manta rays, barracuda and grey and white-tipped sharks cruising in abundance along the edge of the reef.

There is also bird watching on some of the uninhabited motu, and just general walking the beach in a place that feels like one of the ends of the earth.