Tikehau Surfing, Ninamu Surf Resort- Waterways Travel Images

Tikehau Surfing, Ninamu Surf Resort- Waterways Travel

About 200 miles north by northeast of the main French Polynesia island of Tahiti, the Tikehau Atoll is a spectacular crown of coral and sand 16 miles long and 14 miles wide. That thin white line of coral, sand and palm trees is no more than half a mile wide, but it encircles a lagoon of pristine, otherworldly beauty – a place Jacques Cousteau visited in 1987 and found a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Tikehau is a waterman’s paradise of pristine, blue, crystal clear tropical waters, and the ocean is as alive outside the ring as inside. On the outside of the ring, Tikehau is almost entirely ringed by a coral reef, which links together the numerous motu (islets) that form the crown. Outside of that ring, the Pacific Ocean hammers the land with swell year around, energy that travels a great distance from the Southern Ocean during the Southern Hemisphere winter, but also swell that sweeps down from the other side of the equator during the northern hemisphere winter.

Hidden away on a motu in the southwest corner of the atoll, the Ninamu Resort is a watersportsman retreat that caters to surfers, divers, fishermen, kite surfers, SUPpers and anyone who loves cruising along the surface or just below in warm, tropical waters that are bursting with life and energy.

Everyone should experience a pristine atoll in the middle of the South Pacific once in their life – because it’s nice to know that isolated beauty like this still exists.