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There is more to the Society Islands than Tahiti and more to Tahiti than El Stumpo, Ins and Outs and Teahupoo. Way more. On the south coast of Tahiti Iti, Teahupoo is Tahiti's most famous wave, but that roaring maw of a barrier reef barrel is to the Society Islands what the Matterhorn is to Disneyland - a big and prominent landmark, but there are a lot of other great rides. And make no mistake; the Society Islands are Disneyland for surfers - land of a thousand thrill rides.

The main island of Tahiti has more breaks taking various wind and swell directions then all the remaining Society Islands combined. It should also be noted that while Teahupoo is a beast of a wave when over 10', when under this size the wave is an excellent barrel within the ability range of any upper level, intermediate or better surfer.

The waves generally break on passes in the coral reef cut by freshwater flowing down from the jungle mountains and out to sea. There are exceptions to this, as there are beach breaks and even coral reefs breaking close to shore, but for the most part, the surf breaks over coral, as far as a mile from shore.

The waves are generally best for intermediate to experienced surfers. This is no place for the beginner, clueless or fumble-footed because it is not a place to make mistakes. The coral reefs are alive and often sharp. Your guides and hosts included with each WaterWays package will make sure you get to the best spot for your desires and ability then educate you on the conditions and hazards prior to getting in the water.