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Just across the lagoon from Moorea Surf Lodge, Ha'apiti is considered by many to be one of the most exotic surf experiences in the world: A long, perfect left wrapping the edge of a tropical reef pass breaking in crystal clear water far off shore on the edge of a deep lagoon – with an absolutely spectacular backdrop of jungle-covered volcanic mountains. Surfing a wave here is like walking down one of those fancy aquarium tunnels where the water and sea life is bending all around you. It can be distracting at first, but you'll get used to it, and then you'll get addicted to it.

Ha'apiti breaks from two feet to 20 feet and the intensity level goes up with every two feet of swell. Ha'apiti has the potential to give you a fun long workable wall, the best barrel of your life or the worst bashing ever. The waves have raw, open-ocean power, there can be a lot of current and the reef is live coral.

Ask any 10 surfers who have been to Ha'apiti and you will hear the same stories: It's a perfect wave that is usually bigger than it looks from land. On an outgoing it's like riding an escalator to get to the top of the reef, but sometimes that escalator wants to keep going, out to sea, all the way to New Zealand. For those who are in top shape, paddling out to the reef and back is an option, but guests at Moorea B & B will enjoy short boat ride to the pass and save their energy for the session.

But there are quite a few waves other than Ha'apiti.
Tamae Right
Taotai Right & Left
Papetoai Left
Cooks Bay Left
Opunohu Bay Right
And other lesser known breaks.