Moorea Surf Lodge :: OVERVIEW

The Polynesian word for hospitality is "ho'okipa." The French word for comfort is "reconfort." The proto-English word for "sweet" is "sweet!" Combine these Polynesian, French and English ideas, and you have the Moorea Bed & Breakfast.

Located about 20 seconds from the edge of the lagoon at Ha'apiti, and a short boat ride out to the surf break, Moorea Bed and Breakfast is custom made to provide shade, shelter and sustenance to surfers and ocean-lovers who want to maximize their enjoyment of the Tahitian islands - without mortgaging the house and selling the kids to finance their adventure.

Moorea B & B is owned and operated by Tama Pacomme, his wife Marie and their daughter Tahaeti. They oversee three, one-story, hardwood buildings on a 3-acre grassy lot, offering camping, dorm rooms and private rooms. The dorms are a good way to meet new people, learn about the island and plot new adventures. The private rooms are fan cool and comfortable offering that extra privacy many prefer.

The setting is epic, the beds are comfortable, the hospitality is French Polynesian, but the two things you will remember for the rest of your life are the quality of the surf and the food. All around Tahiti, those boxes in front of people's houses that look like mailboxes are actually bread boxes - just about everyone gets two fresh bread deliveries a day. The French are tres serious about their food, and that discipline applies to French Polynesia and Moorea B & B - with the accent on breakfast, the most important meal of a day to prepare for paddling around the lagoon on a kayak or a SUP, taking a boat out to the reef to surf the passes or riding bicycles or hiking along the beach and into the jungle.

Moorea Bed and Breakfast has bicycles available, and also free snorkeling gear and canoes for exploring the lagoon. Surfers will benefit from the intimate knowledge of local guides- who know the winds and ways and will drive the boat to the best spot for whatever surfers on board - from novice to pros.