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Ha’apiti Surf Lodge

On the southwest coast of Moorea, Ha’apiti is a long left that breaks about a mile from shore on the south side of a reef pass that is the only outlet for a tremendous amount of water escaping the lagoon. There is a lot of energy pouring over the reef at Ha’apiti going both ways and it’s considered one of the best left reefs in the Society Islands.
The Ha’apiti Surf Lodge is an excellent option for those who prefer a land-based camp or who are on a tighter budget.  The Lodge knows what surfers need before, during and after a day on the reefs.

What surfers need is a comfortable bed for resting weary bodies, good food to energize after long days of  surfing and safe transport out to the reefs and back. Ha'apiti Surf Lodge offers all these basics for a truly legitimate French Polynesian surfing experience on a Central America budget.