Haapiti Surf Lodge :: ACCOMODATIONS Images

Haapiti Surf Lodge :: ACCOMODATIONS

Nothing fancy, but nothing lacking. Ha’apiti Surf Lodge has four bungalows perched on the hillside overlooking the beach, lagoon and the wave off on the reef. Each bungalow is equipped with one queen size bed, bathroom with hot water, a fully equipped kitchenette, fan and a TV.  The Lodge is close to the local market which allows you to keep well stocked with Hinano, fruit, oatmeal, bread, meat and all the necessary basics.

For access to the reefs, Ha’apiti Surf Lodge has kayaks which allow surfers a safer, faster trip to the wave. If you break your board or get cut, having that kayak anchored in the channel will save you a long swim or paddle back to shore.