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Tahiti Surf Guides and Hotels

If you plan on visiting Tahiti or Moorea for surfing, and would prefer not to stay at a surf lodge, let WaterWays assist you with booking any of the luxury hotels offering a more upscale experience.

Our guide Jamie “Hula” Witherill is available and equipped with every mode of transportation necessary to get you into the best surf on any side of Tahiti or Moorea.  The guide package includes hotel pickup/drop-off, all transportation utilizing a Ford F250 Super Duty and/or new, 26-foot Poti Marara (speed boat).

Originally from Pacific Palisades California Jamie competed regularly in longboard competitions.  He moved to Tahiti in 1993 in search of better, more powerful surf and found himself living on Huahine where he met his wife and started a family.  In 2002 Jamie and the family moved back to the main island of Tahiti to get more involved with fishing charters and tow surfing.  From their new house in the hills outside Papeete Jamie can see the surf each morning and has a view across the channel to Moorea.

Jamie’s friendly “aloha” spirit and knowledge of surf throughout the entire island chain will assure you the best experience possible.  If for any reason the surf is not cooperating, his services include island touring to the interior, snorkeling the reef passes with the manta rays and tropical fish, or try your hand spearing a mahi mahi local style from the fast moving Poti Marara.