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Nihiwatu Resort :: OTHER ACTIVITIES

Nihiwatu is as renowned for fishing and diving as it is for surfing. The solid 26-foot Radon is rigged for going after wahoo, Spanish mackerel, tuna and trevally close to shore, and sailfish and marlin farther out. There are a number of world class dive sites including a narrow panicle that raises from the depths to within 20 feet of the surface.  The full PADI dive facility is fully equipped so you can feel free to bring your own gear, or none at all.

Land activities include horseback riding on the beach, mountain biking, trekking in the hills, and visits to the local villages. The village tours offer an amazing cultural experience. These villages are generally not accessible by road, but require a short hike to gain access. If you are there for a ritual burial, you are in for a spectacle that goes back to BC. If you are in Sumba during March, you won’t want to miss the pasola, which is a kind of ritual polo, played on horses, where men try to gouge each other with spears, spilling blood for the earth to make a bountiful harvest.

Other off site land excursions include trips to waterfalls or private beaches where you can be left with an umbrella, snorkeling gear, towels, food and beverage for a luxurious Robinson Caruso experience.

And when its all done, don’t forget about the Spa’s!  Treat yourself to the “Jungle Bliss”.