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Sumba Surfing, Surf Charter Sumba- Waterways Travel

A surf trip to Sumba is like going back in time, before Christianity or Islam or Buddhism, when humans worshipped Gods close to the earth with blood and stone.  Four hundred kilometers east of Bali, and directly south of Komodo and Flores Islands, Sumba is an island on the cusp of Asia, Melanesia and Australia, and its culture and climate are effected by all three. Sumba is a bastion of a more primitive life as it was lived prior to 1522, when the first Dutch ships arrived.

here other parts of Indonesia are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Calvinist and Capitalist, more than one-fourth of the population of Sumba still practice merapu, a megalithic, animist religion that includes elaborate burial ceremonies that evoke images of Stonehenge.

But that makes sense when you get to Sumba, an island of earth, wind and fire, where Nature is large and in charge and worthy of worship: “Sumba is a little-visited and undeveloped outpost in Indonesia's southeast island chain,” said Bill Dalton in Island Life Magazine. “That gives a visitor a sense of being shipwrecked on an island of both great physical beauty and unparalleled anthropological interest.”

Perfect waves are part of Sumba’s natural beauty; home to one of the most luxurious surf resorts in the world, the Nihiwatu Resort: 438 acres of tropical forest, rice terraces and grasslands wrapped around the two and half kilometer long Nihiwatu beach. Nihiwatu is not a “surf resort”, but more a luxury resort that happens to have exclusive access to one of Indonesia’s best lefthand reefs.

There are few resorts in the world that can compare to the total experience offered by Nihiwatu Resort, so the total focus of WaterWays’ for travel to Sumba is centered on Nihiwatu Resort.