Telo 101 :: OVERVIEW

Telos 101 was the dream of Noverius Marunduri, or Ovie to his mates. He was born and raised on Bawa, a small island west of Nias adjacent to other famous waves like Asu. Bawa, known for its legendary waves, was a solid proving ground for Ovie whose family hosted several well known big wave surfers from all over the world at their home overlooking the break. One of the few indigenous Indonesian surfers of this region in the early90s, Ovie learnt to surf well and spread his wings working on Mentawai surf charter boats including Southern Cross, Mikumba and Oasis guiding surf trips for professional surfers such as Gerry Lopez, Ken Bradshaw, Grant "Twiggy" Baker and more.  During the 13 years of running surf charters through the Mentawais, Telos,  Banyaks and Hinakos region Ovie never let go his dream of owning a surf resort and with the help of his family purchased a piece of paradise on Sipika Island and Telos 101 was born – on one of the most beautiful swimming beaches in the Telo.

The three villas and restaurant on Sipika were designed with traditional Nias home design in mind. Facing east to capture the sunrise with a roomy 10m x 8m living area and 2.7m off the ground with a large deck, the villas are all beach front. They have three queen size beds with individual fans and a bathroom with western toilet and shower as well as a fresh water shower at the base of the stairs to rinse off after a surf or swim. The restaurant boasts a generous dining area as well as a bar, lounge and games area.

The Mikumba Sport vessel is there to shuttle surfers between  breaks and also acts as a handy game fishing boat complete with tuna tower and outriggers. The Mikumba Fish, (a 10 bed surf charter boat) will transport guests between Padang and Telos 101, with the further flexibility of transporting guests between Telos 101 and breaks in the south end of the Telo group, about 80 km away, when that may be the best option.

Telos surf spots are relatively well guarded and many unknown to the majority of surf charters which occasionally make the journey and travel to this region. There are several top quality breaks to suit all levels and Ovie will work hard to place you at the best wave on each given day. The local game fishing is also virtually untouched. As Ovie was born, raised and worked in the region all his life he still holds a few secrets close to his chest.