Surfing Village : THE SURF

Boasting 18+ incredible and completely different world class waves within reach and 3 of them located on the doorstep of the Surfing Village, (Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens), Surfing Village is one of the best kept secrets in Indonesia. 12 waves are less than a 20 minute boat trip away and only Jauh, Facas and Shhh are a little more than an hour away. And it doesn’t stop there with a number of other reefs and potential surf spots still to be discovered. Maybe you’ll be the next to surf and name a virgin wave this year?

Pasti Fast and powerful right hander, 3 tube sections, with its ripabble days. Level: Beginners - Intermediate - Experienced
Nagadens Barreling right hander. Short and thick. Indicates when Pasti will pump. Level: Beginners - Intermediate - Experienced
Ibua Big, heavy and suicidal right hander. Level: Experienced - Kamikaze
Kiri Sinister left hander. FSH. Fast, Shallow and Hollow. Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay. Level: Experienced – Kamikaze
Baga Island in front of the Surfing Village. Ripabble left hander, long and powerful, with barreling sections. Holds waves as big as the ocean throws. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider
Mibis Long barreling left. On the right tide it is one connecting barrel all the way down the line. A mix of desert Point and G-Land. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced.
Bilakan Long and shreddable right hander that works on any swell. Located behind Baga’s island. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced
Lado-Lado Right and left barreling A- frame with Hawaiian weight and style. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider
Bahaia Hair Raising Left. Fast and hollow. The area’s Teahupoo. Level: Experienced – Kamikaze
Rahasia Fantastically fun left with amazing back door barrels. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced
Cewek’s Peak wave opening long and easy walls to both sides inside a protected bay. Ideal spot to learn to surf. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Long Board
Rokok’s Right and Left breaking in the middle of the neighboring bay, in front of a small rock island. Level: Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider
Tangguh Big and powerful right hander, the first of 3 rights on the coast of Tantras. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider
Tantang Fast, shallow and hollow right hander, less consistent, but the most challenging. Level: Experienced – Tube Rider
Tantra Right hander with the first section barreling, then opening up to a ripabble wall with another barreling section toward the end. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Long Board
Jauh Long and ripabble left hander, with good barrel sections, set in a paradise bay, fast and hollow. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced
Facas Very shallow, fast and hollow left, with amazing barrels. Only for the experienced surfer. Level: Experienced – Tube Rider
Shhhhhh Very heavy right hander that only works on big swells. Level: Experienced