Surfing Village :: OVERVIEW

"Surfing Village is my new favorite place." - Jack Freestone

The Surfing Village is located in the Telo Islands, but the journey begins in Padang. As soon as guests arrive in Padang, they are taken by the guide/translator to a hotel, where they can relax from their flight for a few hours, have a cold beer, eat, take a walk through Padang’s historical center or just kick back and watch some TV. (Personal costs in Padang not included in the package except for transport.)

The charter boat, Indo II, will be the choice vessel to make the overnight crossing from Padang to the Telo Islands. The Indo II has an air-conditioned main cabin with 12 beds, and another small private cabin for couples, as well as a lounge and an open area for those guests wanting to enjoy all the splendor of a Sumatran night at sea, downing a cold beer and getting psychologically prepared for arrival in Paradise! The boat departs from Padang at approximately 6:00pm; allowing guests on all flights sufficient time to arrive and prepare for the overnight crossing, arriving at the Surfing Village just in time for some breakfast barrels.

The boat has a very experienced local crew, and is decked out with all the necessary safety equipment including; Radio, GPS, Satellite Phone, Life jackets, life raft, flares, floats, bibles, etc...

Once you arrive to surf some of the best and least crowded waves in the Indonesian archipelago you can unpack your quiver. From the fish to the gun, longboard, retro twin fin, high performance thruster, bonzer, alaias, grandpa’s single fin... whatever! You will surely find a wave for it.