Surf Trips to Sumatra

The surf in the islands north of Mentawai is much like the surf in the Mentawai: long rights and lefts breaking on coral reefs with a jungle backdrop. The difference up here is crowds. There aren’t as many surfers poking around north of the Mentawai, and that’s a good thing if you want to enjoy all the fruits of Indian Ocean surf, without the seeds.

The better waves in this part of the world include Treasure Island, an incredibly long right in the Banyaks, Asu and Bawa are complimentary right and left reefs in the Hinako Islands. If the wind is bad for Asu it’s good for Bawa and vice versa. On Telo Island it’s Max’s Left, Max’s Right, GT’s Schoolyards,ER and more. From Aura Surf Resort on Simeulue there are many options and still more being discovered, best to keep those quite for now, but check the photos. And don’t forget Lagundri Bay on Nias, the Mother of All Right Reefs, still firing after all these years

Perfect waves, gnarly waves, easy waves, fun waves, rights and lefts. Although there are waves in this region suitable for most level of surfer riding whatever your board of choice; to make the most of the experience we recommend passenger have an intermediate skill and comfort level in the water.