Bohemian Yacht Charter, Surfing Sumatra Images

Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Bohemian Yacht Charter

Stable, Spacious and just better all the way around, multi-hulls are the way to go, if you’re going by yacht through the islands of northern Sumatra. The Bohemian is an aluminum, 50-foot catamaran purpose built for surf exploration by its skipper, Steve Bridge.

Bridge is a good name for a skipper, and Steve Bridge is a good skipper who has been guiding surf charters longer than anyone else in this part of Indonesia. Powered by two Yanmar diesel engines, Bohemian cruises at eight knots and rides stable through the water, which is great for those prone to seasickness, or those who don’t want to spill their beer.

The Bohemian experience is all about enjoying the surf and adventure with a small group of friends. Most surf charters sail with 8-12 guests, but Bohemian limits their charters to six, which guarantees space on board and space in the lineup wherever she throws anchor: the Banyaks, Treasure Island, Simeulue, Nias, Asu and Bawa, and countless other surf-fringed nooks and crannies.