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Bohemian Yacht Charter, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

The Surf

The Bohemian knows these islands intimately and depending on the conditions and guest preferences, Steve Bridge steers for  places so perfect you'll think you're dreaming, other spots heavy enough to challenge even battle-scarred Indo veterans, and mellow waves that are just right for a good, fun surf.

When you consider that the better-known spots in these islands are not well known at all, you can imagine how obscure the obscure spots are.
Treasure Island is the crown jewel of the Banyaks, a very long right-hander provides a smooth take off ramp leading into a long wall and hollow inside section. Be careful of “The Claw” at the end that can pinch and not let you out.
Two Palms around the corner is a super fun skate ramp style left hander breaking into a beautiful white sand beach.
Another short boat ride away Bay Of Plenty has two lefts and a right breaking off the top of a narrow but deep bay.  The waves on the outside of the bay (especially the left) can be world class with a tube followed by a long wall.  The protected left inside the bay is super fun and non threatening for those who may want a break from the more intense surf in the area.
Hidden away in the Hinako Islands, Asu is a perfect left that is brother/sister to the perfect right at Bawa: a right reef that breaks way out to sea, with nothing between the reef and the Southern Ocean. A Sunset-like wave over eight feet.
On the island of Nias, Lagundri Bay is the perfect, barreling right-hander the world knew as “Nias” in the 80s. This is the wave that inspired more exploration into these islands, but it’s still a crazy-perfect wave after all these years, ruler edge and wrapping into the bay. In the neighborhood of Lagundri Bay, Rockstars is just another barreling, world-class right.
Steve will give you a rundown of the swell and conditions along with his recommendations on where may be best to get the best surf and least crowds.  Listen closely as his suggestion is generally the best option.