Aura Surf Resort :: SURFING

This island off northern Sumatra is located at the top of a sub-ocean trench that is six kilometers deep and 800 miles long, and the angle of the coastline is such that the swell traveling up from the Indian Ocean has the longest fetch of any Indonesian island. That means the waves arrive cleaned up and lined up.

This region also picks up west and north swell from seasonal winds off the coast of India and the Maldives, with an angle that lights up new spots –some of which also don’t have names.

There are lots of places to explore, but the staple wave at Aura is The Peak, which is an Indonesian A-frame breaking directly in front of the camp. This is that perfect wave you doodled on your folder while daydreaming in class or at the office. The Peak uncannily seldom ever seems to drop below three to four feet, and is usually a foot or two bigger. The Peak is right there in sight of your bungalow and the rest of the camp - morning, noon and into the evening - and some surfers stick with it and go no farther.

But if you want to go farther, Aura Surf resort has a flotilla of surf patrol craft, all of them with names, to take you along 60 miles of coast to spots that aren’t all named.

To get to Monkey Trees, Teabags, Thailand’s and Secrets, Aura Surf Resort offers these three surf patrol boats:

Ombak Bagus means “Good waves” and also the name of Aura Surf Resorts 27-foot blue speed boat with two brand new 100 HP Yamaha motors, new steering and navigation accessories, safety equipment, GPS, toilet, canopy and fishing rod holders. Ombak Bagus can take as many as 10 guests to good waves, at a rapid 28-30 knots.

Ombak Besar means “large wave” and is a nine-meter long traditional wooden outrigger with a 25 horsepower Yamaha motor – for those who want to look for surf more old school local style.

Ombak Cepat means “fast waves. This is a 3.5 meter Zodiac rigid hull, which can be launched from the beach. This boat has a 25 horsepower Yamaha motor, and with the shallow draft is used for getting in close to the impact zone for filming.

Those three boats take guests along miles of coast and off shore islands to a smorgasbord of surf breaks that range from easy beach breaks to 15-foot grinding, Triple Black Diamond reefs. The surf within range of Aura Surf Resort is as legendary as all the other famous surf spots in the Mentawai, but this place is off the beaten path of even the yacht tours. So there are no crowds. None. 

Some of the breaks in the immediate area:

Peak – directly out front of Aura Surf Resort.  Holds 2-10’+.  Barrel or steep wall from start to finish depending on tide.
K-Hole/Tea Bags - 20 minutes out the front by speed boat, 150m long epic heavy right 4 to 15ft +.   Booties recommended. Transworld group scored this spot
Dylans - Short fast 50m+  long hollow right hander, best on solid swell. 25minutes s by road south, 15 minutes s by boat
Secrets – Approximately 1 hour travel.  100+ meter long right hand barrel.  When smaller the wave breaks into 3 sections of various difficulty.  Swell magnet breaking from 2-20’
Secrets Left – Across the channel from Secrets about 5 minutes by boat.  This is a heavy deep water wave breaking up to 200 meters.
Thailands – 60 meter long right reef break.  Good when everywhere is a bit too big, Thailands will be head high.    Booties suggested. Dylans left - 45 minutes by speed boat south, 200m+ long rides, various sections, good long board wave with hollow inside section.
Tou Tous - Up to100m long left break 30 minutes north by road and 25 minutes by boat.  Sandy point, booties not required
Secret Island - absolutely epic right hand barrel, 45 minutes by boat.

There are 4 + other waves within 40 minutes travel to be assessed in more detail.

Given the prevailing conditions during your stay you easily may spot a break not ridden previously by resort guests.