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Learn Yoga and Surfing In A Tropical Paradise

Combine the absolute best of Nicaragua with luxury, all inclusive accommodations, yoga and surfing sessions and personalized service to provide a once in a lifetime travel experience for you, your friends and family.

We design and customize every travel itinerary to meet your the unique desires. No strangers. No surprises. Just a private, personalized experience with luxury everything.

A Perfect, All Inclusive Vacation Is Just Hours Away

Nicaragua is close to home so you can make the most of every vacation day with little or no travel fatigue or jet lag. Managua is in the Central Time Zone and served by most major airlines. You can easily hop on a plane in the AM and be chilling by the pool with an ice cold drink well before sunset.

Learn Surfari Yoga:

Ventana a las Olas makes it easy for you and a small group of friends and family to learn yoga or deepen your daily practice. Rejuvenate and empower the body, mind and spirit through yoga and the natural beauty of Nicaragua and its people.

We’ll help you build a solid understanding of yoga fundamentals, core principals and basic postures. This can be a great stepping stone for those new to yoga or for those needing a gentler practice due to age or injury. Ventana a las Olas yoga strengthens the body, calms the mind and the soothes soul.

Learn to Surf:

Ventana a las Olas makes it easy for you and a small group friends and family to surf in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

We start watching the sunset and a surf movie the night before our first session. We invest some time practicing the basics on the beach and then move into the water to catch our first waves. By the end of our first session, most folks have caught a few waves, stand up and ride the wild surf. Everyone will have a smile on their face.

Personalized Experiences With Luxury Everything

Whether it is just you and your significant other or a group of friends and family, your vacation time and budget are precious. To make the most of your vacation days and nights, we design and customize every Ventana a las Olas travel itinerary to best meet your group’s unique desires.

Ventana a las Olas Vacation Villa

Your beautiful, upscale vacation villa sits among the trees on a ridge overlooking Rancho Santana’s 2,700 hundred acres of jungles, rolling hills, beaches and spectacular sunsets. Built by local craftsmen, every room features stone floors, high arches and ceilings, fans, AC, mahogany furniture, artwork by local artisans and endless views. The spacious family common areas include central living and dining space, kitchen, swimming and soaking pools. Each of the six bedrooms has a queen sized bed, private bathroom and covered lanais.

All Inclusive, Luxury Everything

Along with the luxury accommodations, Ventana a las Olas provides a private cook and three specially prepared, healthy meals per day, super snacks, soft drinks, Toña beer and Flor de Caña rum. Each meal is prepared in a second kitchen allowing your group to relax without being disturbed by meal preparation. Plus your package includes unlimited trips to the beach, daily yoga, surf lessons and more.

Whether you are new to yoga, learning to surf or already surf like a pro, we can help you gracefully move your yoga practice and surfing to the next level. We relax, rejuvenate and empower the body, mind and spirit through surfing, yoga and the natural beauty of Nicaragua and its people.

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