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Learn to Surf at an exotic Destination!

Remember the blonde grommet in the surf shop in Point Break, when Keanu Reeves comes in to buy a beginner board?

Surfing's the source, man.
It will change your life… Swear to God.

Well that scene was kind of corny, but the Surf Shop Grom had a point. Learning to surf is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you will ever do. Even trying to learn is a great experience, but if you succeed it will pay off in a lifetime of good feeling.

"Only a surfer knows the feeling." "I'd rather be surfing." "Got surf?" You've read the slogans on a thousand bumper stickers, but the truth is, these things are true: from the muscles in your back to the happy chemicals in your head; eating better, sleeping better, feeling better: life just feels better when you add surfing.  It doesn’t matter if it is for a once in a lifetime “Learn to Surf” holiday, or a long term lifestyle – just add surf!

Learning to surf isn't easy: The equipment seems cumbersome and confusing, the ocean is scary and even experienced athletes must learn to use new muscles, new balance points, new skills. Learning to surf is all about building technique and having an experienced hand to guide you can make the experience a whole lot easier. There are many things to consider: The board of the right length with the right flotation. What suit and wetsuit and booties and rash guard to wear for the conditions at hand. Which side does the wax go on? How do you paddle so you aren't too far forward or too far back. How do you paddle out through the surfline and find the right place to catch the wave. How do you make it from prone to standing, and what do you do after that?

Learning to surf is a matter of knowing yourself, the ocean, learning the skills of the sport and making these elements come together. Going out and doing all this on your own is one way to do it, but one of the big barriers in learning to surf isn't mental or physical, it's time. It takes time to learn how to surf and one way to condense the learning curve is to take the hand of an experienced instructor, who will put you on the right board, in the right spot and get you up and riding more quickly.

Over the last few years surf schools have grown by leaps and bounds, and the reason they are successful is that surf schools work. They help people overcome their own physical boundaries and fear of the ocean, and as the popularity of surf schools has grown, they have spread to beautiful and exotic locations around the world, allowing those who want to surf to combine that experience with the vacation of a lifetime. Learning in a friendly environment away from crowds and intimidation makes for a positive initial experience which will keep you returning to the ocean for more.

Waterways' is affiliated with surf schools which range from the tropics of Latin America to the clean, green temperate zone of Ireland. Waterways has qualified all of these schools to be sure that their equipment, their instructors and techniques are first rate.

Now think of the end of Point Break. Johnny Utah has tracked the bad guy Bodhi around the world to Bell's Beach, to where Bodhi is going to ride the 50 year storm. These guys have tried to kill each other several times. Bodhi almost killed Johnny's chick. One of Bodhi's hoodlums killed Gary Busey. Johnny killed several of Bodhi's hoodlums. They're enemies, but what is the first thing they say to each other?

Still surfing?
Every day.

See? The surf shop grom was right. Surfing is the source and it will change your life. Let Waterways help get you hooked, and turn those daydreams into dream days.