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Del Mar Surf Camp

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

The Del Mar Surf School is equal-opportunity, co-educational, for men and women, boys and girls: anyone who wants to learn to rip in the warm, tropical waters of Costa Rica.

Del Mar Surf Camp operates out of the Club del Mar, a hotel and condominium complex toward the south end of Jaco Beach. This place is modern, clean, well lighted and private:  four one-bedroom, ocean-view casita condos, 18 two-bedroom, ocean-view casita condos and an eight-room boutique hotel nestled sweetly between a tropical rainforest and gentle, beginner-friendly waves on a sandy, tropical beach.

All Girls Surf Adventure

Operating out of the Club del Mar, the all girls surf school is a little bit spa, and a ton of surf. The focus is surf instruction for women from beginner to intermediate. But the surf instruction is complimented by yoga, massage and pedicure, rejuvenating facial and other methods of pampering that will feel oh so good after mornings in the surf and sun learning to catch a wave.

The surf school is girly, yet tough. Guests are there to do something difficult: learn to surf. Learn the ocean. Overcome their weaknesses and fears. Catch a wave and sit on top of the world. Del Mar eases this transition by employing experienced surf instructors who are also local competitive-level surfers (both female and male).

For some reason there are a lot of handsome, healthy local surfers who are willing and able to help visiting girls into the surf but Del Mar generally employs female instructors with a maximum of three to one student-instructor ratio which is the best in the industry. Be prepared for your instructor to get to know you personally!

There is one, three-hour lesson each day. For those who can’t get enough, a second daily surf lesson can be are included in place of the other daily activities. Each day is filled with side adventures or guests can choose to stay in the water with your instructor for extra practice.

After all this playing in the mud and serious surfing, it is time to enjoy being a girl. Included in the package are a full-body, in-room massage, a facial, and a pedicure. Also included is a visit to a renowned local bikini designer who will custom make you the best bikini you have ever worn. No girl can deny herself this little indulgence!

Coed Surf Adventure

The coed program at Del Mar Surf Camp offers pretty much everything the girls-only offers, but now brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, friends and lovers can learn to surf together.

Besides surfing, Del Mar Surf Camp offers the chance to experience all the other must-do’s in Costa Rica. Whether you are hiking for a 180 degree view of the sea, doing yoga in the rainforest, or horseback riding to a natural mud bath below a waterfall, life is never dull in Jaco.

Meals are provided at not-to-be-missed local restaurants. This is a great way to pick what you like, but experience the local cuisine. One evening each week is set aside with a private sushi chef, preparing sushi just for the surf camp, for a truly indulgent bonding night.

Jaco Beach is at about 9° north of the equator. That is well within the tropics, so there are two seasons: Summer is from December to May and generally dry with clear skies. The “green season” - which means rainy season - begins in June and goes until the end of November. The temperature is very stable, varying from 80 to 90° year around, and the water is almost always in the upper 70°s to low 80°.

The surf school is based on a Sunday arrival, with surf lessons beginning on Monday. The school offers three, five or seven day packages and like those custom bikinis, it can all be custom fit for any schedule.