Aganoa Lodge Samoa, Samoa

Aganoa Lodge Samoa OVERVIEW

Savai'i is the largest and highest island in Samoa and the Samoa Islands chain. It is also the biggest landmass in Polynesia outside Hawaii and New Zealand. The island is home to 43,142 people who make up 24% of the country's population. The only township and ferry terminal is Salelologa, the main entry point to the island, situated at the east end of Savai'i. A tar sealed road serves as the one main highway, connecting most of the villages with local buses reaching most settlements.

Savai'i is mountainous, fertile and surrounded by coral reefs. Lonely Planet describes the Savai'i landscape as 'spectacular tropical terrain'. The island has a gently sloping profile, reaching a maximum altitude of 1,858 metres at Mt Silisili, the highest peak in the country and the Samoa Islands chain. Volcanic craters in the highlands are strung across the central ridges from Tuasivi (literally, backbone) village in the east towards Cape Mulinu'u to the west. The lava fields at Saleaula village on the central north coast are the result of volcanic eruptions from Mt Matavanu (1905–1911). Most of the coastlines are palm fringed beaches and there are rainforests, waterfalls, caves, freshwater pools, blowholes and coral reefs. There are also numerous archaeological sites, including star mounds, fortifications and pyramids such as the Pulemelei Mound in Palauli district. Archaeology in Samoa has uncovered many pre-historic settlements including sites at Vailoa and Sapapali'i.

Just a short ferry ride from Upolu in the Independent State of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), a road leads to a lost corner of the earth called Aganoa Beach where a consistent, world-class reef break peels into a channel just 50 yards in front of a restaurant perched at the sea. A gentle, idyllic lagoon lined with a picture-perfect beach hugs the verdant, manicured grounds in seemingly endless and fragrant bloom. Eight airy, newly-renovated and self-contained fales (bungalows) doze near the sea.

Aganoa primarily caters to surfers (only 8 at a time) seeking its guaranteed uncrowded waves, Aganoa - like Savai'i itself - is also the perfect place for the family. With an array of activities from kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and more, both on-site and island-wide, Aganoa is a stress-free destination without the exorbitant price tag that most destinations of this caliber attach. Couple that with Samoa's beautiful Polynesian culture and people - and you may never want to return home…

With empty waves just outside your fale, in this private piece of Eden surrounding your companion or family, it's not hard to see how - thankfully - time forgot about Aganoa. And moreover, how easy it is to forget about time.