Nemberala Beach Resort - FISHING

The fishing in this area of Indonesia and the Timor Sea can be some of the best in the world. Due to very little commercial fishing, the ocean is abundant with numerous species of fish.

At this time fishing is a side activity from Nemberala Beach Resort as we have not yet taken delivery of our game fishing boat. Although two of our larger 19’ center consol skiffs are well equipped for fishing, we can not guarantee the availability of these boats as their main purpose is the efficient operation of the surf transfer program.  When not in use for surfing however you can be certain to enjoy some phenomenal fishing.

By 2009 we will have a purpose built Game Fishing Boat of 26’+ in length designed to fish with 4 – 6 fishermen in comfort.  We have been fishing this area for 10 years, and in the last 5 have been making a serious effort to log the hot-spots in the area.  Up until now we have been predominantly light tackle trolling with Rapala style lures, skirts and feathers.  Some people have had particularly good success throwing surface irons on boils or off the troll-strike, and most recently we have discovered how good the jig fishing is in 60-200 feet of water.

Once the new boat is in action we look forward to working additional methods including various techniques with live bait (fly line, light weight, slow troll), various bill-fishing techniques, salt water fly fishing and jig fishing with butterfly jigs.  If you have a particular style of fishing you prefer just let us know.

The most common species of fish encountered are Spanish Mackerel, Trevalli, Wahoo, Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, Grouper, Sea Perch, Sailfish and Marlin.  As yet we have not worked techniques specifically for marlin, but have hooked a few on Rapalas (never landed).  We plan on expanding our gear and techniques to be prepared for those fishermen who specifically want to target marlin.

All our fishing grounds are within 40 minutes of the resort.  Although plenty of Spanish mackerel and some small tuna can be landed just outside the reef in front of the resort, our hotspots such as Dog Tooth Alley, 8 mile reef and The Gathering Spot are specific hotspots that are a bit further afield.

Thus far we have not really noticed any change in fishing depending on the seasons.  The fish seem to around all the time.  However, we have been more successful Sept to November and February to May as these moths typically see very nice surface conditions on the ocean allowing us to work the “Hot Spots” more comfortably in the boats we have available at this time.  Once we take delivery of the new boat  we will be very capable of working February to November no problem.

And for you Spear Fishermen and Blue Water Hunters, we are happy to drop you on the spots as well. We have had a few trips shoot 80-100lb Dog Tooth in less then 30’ of water!