THE SURF : Bungalows Playa Blanco, Peru

This northern region of Peru is best November to April on big north swells, but does have surf year round and some particularly good spots that break with a Southwest swell. The surf spots within range of Bungalows Playa Blanca, beginning from the south, are:

Panic Point – a dredging left sand bottom point, breaks close to the rocks and best on Southwest swells.

Lobitos is a series of left points, sand over slab rock – Piscina, Muelle, Lobitos, El Hueco - that some compare to Bingin in Bali or a reverse Superbank. Others say the quality of Lobitos depends on how the sand is moving and where it ends up.

Cabo Blanco has become famous as The Peruvian Pipeline – a left reef that is one of the best waves in all of South America.

Nuro is yet another small Peruvian fishing village with a muelle (jetty) and some boats and classic left point to the south of town. Closest to the Bungalows Playa Blanca

Organos is a right/left reef that is considered one of the better waves in Peru, and South America. The left is longer than the right, and the right is very hollow over a rock reef. Black diamond only.

Bungalows is the beach break in front of Bungalows Playa Blanca. The peaks tend to focus into fun lefts created by sand covered rock. Very friendly and playfull

Mancora is home to more than 30 beach resorts and is popular with tourist from all over South America. The main break at Mancora is a left point (surprise! Surprise!). Similar to a reverse Malibu.

Zorritos – more sand covered rocks forming beautiful lefts. This spot picks up a lot of swell and can have chest high waves even when Mancora is flat.

There are also miles of beach breaks going in each direction and also hard to access secret spots south of the city.