Bungalows Playa Blanco, Peru

At 4° south of the equator, Cabo Blanco is to Peru what Point Conception is to California. In the ocean off Cabo Blanco, the Equatorial current and the colder Humboldt Current meet in swift collision and cause all kinds of interesting climactic havoc. In the past Cabo Blanco was world famous for sports fishing. Ernest Hemingway caught a 700 pound Marlin while in the area during the filming of The Old Man and the Sea. And like Point Conception, from Cabo Blanco you can see oil rigs just offshore, soaking up that dinosaur wine to make into surfboards.

Located in Los Organos, Bungalows Playa Blanca puts you halfway between the Peruvian Pipeline at Cabo Blanco and the city of Mancora a little north. In between and on either sides of those two points are a half dozen more points, reefs, and miles and miles of beach break.

This area is to the rest of Peru what Hawaii is to the west coast and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are to the east coast. This is the place for sunshine, tropical water and nights at the low key beach clubs.

Bungalows Playa Blanca is the surfer’s choice for anyone wanting to explore the northern, warmer edge of Peru - relaxed atmosphere, thatched roof bungalows, clean, comfortable and friendly.