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Pico Alto International Surf Camp, Peru

The Surf

Punta Hermosa offers an amazing array of waves within a small area, similar to the North Shore of Oahu in some ways, as the range is from beachbreaks perfect for beginners, to Pico Alto – the biggest regularly surfed wave in South America, and one of the best big wave challenges in the world.
From south to north all within 20 minutes:
San Bartolo has two breaks either side of the pier best on small to medium swell.
Penascal is a shifty right point that breaks on all swells, including south swells and can get double overhead plus.
El Huayco is a reefbreak that is mostly a left with some rights. This is a fallback spot when the swell is down and the points aren’t working.
Explosivos is a shallow, hollow beachbreak that breaks a lot of boards and is also popular with bodyboarders – or anyone who wants to get shacked.
Punta Rocas means “Rocky Point” in Spanish is a consistent right and left reefbreak that is one of the most consistently surfed waves in the area. Breaks all year and rarely under head high.
Kon Tiki is considered the training ground for Pico Alto – a big wave that shifts around a lot and is hard to line up. This is for experts only.
Puntilla (Little Point) is a right point that is rocky but good for beginners wanting to move up to intermediate surfers.
La Isla breaks off the tip of Punta Hermosa, and is a right that goes to double overhead and larger.
El Paso is a right reef that is one of the better waves in the area: fast, hollow and gets big.
Playa Norte is a right point best on medium size S swells that breaks into a beachbreak.
Senoritas is a point/reef left that shifts in like Windansea and can be a smoking wave under the right conditions. Pretty girls and great seafood restaurants on the beach. Hog heaven!
Caballeros is a right reef across from Senoritas.
Silencios is a fickle right that breaks on an urchin-covered reef and is popular with bodyboarders but great for shortboarders who want to bust aerial moves.
La Timba is the Old Man’s of this area: long, slow rights and lefts a decent paddle outside of Silencios. A good longboard spot that is mostly overlooked.
Pulpos is a beachbreak that favors the rights. Not the best wave in the area, but a good place for beginners who want to learn to surf beachbreaks.
Arica is a right and left peak that is best from 6 – 10 feet. For some reason this wave is overlooked, so give it a look.
All of that within less than 10 miles, and many more options for those willing to take a day-trip What are you waiting for?