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Pico Alto International Surf Camp, Peru

What to do when you're not surfing

Shoppers will want to head north to Lima and the port of Callao to see what the markets of Peru have to offer in the way of baskets, art, clothes, etc. Anyone with an interest in history or anthropology or architecture will want to visit one of the many museums in Lima. If your not completely tired from surfing you may want to head into Mira Flores district for a night in the clubs. During the days the local beaches can have a fun scene, with open air casitas serving seafood and beer.

OR:  It is easy to add a short supplemental package to visit any of the wonders of Peru such as Cuzco, Machu Picchu or the head waters of the Amazon jungle.  These side trips are generally a minimum of 3 nights in duration and best scheduled at the beginning or end of any itinerary to Peru.