Pico Alto Accomodations, Peru Surf Camp Images

Pico Alto International Surf Camp, Peru


Eat, sleep, surf is the rhythm at Pico Alto International Surf Camp. Well actually it's more like: Eat a solid breakfast to fuel up for surfing the morning session. Come in from that and eat a big lunch, then take an afternoon siesta to rest up for the evening session. Surf into sunset, eat a good dinner, then fall asleep and dream of perfect waves or big waves or lots of waves - then wake up and live the dream.

Pico Alto International Surf Camp guests who rave about the surf also rave about the food, as that swirling Humboldt Current blesses Peru with abundant seafood, but Peruvians are also world class barbequers of beef, shrimp, chicken, pork – you name it. Each room is configured for groups of 2-4 with private bathroom and hot water.  The facilities are basic, but clean and safe.