Pico Alto International Surf Camp

Punta Hermosa is a beach town 20 miles south of Lima that is doubly famous in the surfing world for two natural wonders: Pico Alto and Sofia Mulanovich. Pico Alto International Surf Camp is located just back from the beach between the surf spots at Oscar Point and Senoritas, but within close range of an eight mile miracle of 17 surf spots from San Bartolo to the south and Arica to the north, and many more spots for those who want a 50 mile adventure into the countryside to surf alone.

A trip to Pico Alto International Surf Camp is all about value, maximizing your wave to $ ratio.  The facilities are basic, but provide everything you need to surf your brains out, and a welcome social atmosphere.  Your stay includes airport transfers, accommodations, large meals, and daily surf transfers to all the breaks in the local area.  For a small additional cost a local guide will be arranged to get you outside the greater Lima city limits and into desolate empty coastline.

Pico Alto International Surf Camp is run by Oscar Morante Jr.  The Morante family has been surfing this area for more then 40 years.  The hotel has become a hangout for local surfers in the area who work in conjunction with Oscar Jr to guide guests into the best surf each day for their ability.