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The Surf

You name it; from the longest wave in the world at Chicama, to one of the biggest waves in the world at Pico Alto, and countless other sand points and rock reef waves from one end of the country to the next - Peru has something for everybody.

WaterWays product divideds the coastline into three main surf zones from south to north, with southern Peru being closest to the swell generating storms off Antarctica.  As the swells travel hundreds of miles up the coast they become more defined, refined and warmer. The different zones are easily connected so you may sample a larger variety of Peru’s best resource – SURF.

Lima is the entry point into Peru and one of the most surf infested stretches of coastline in the world. From Huacho north of Lima to Pisco to the south you have more then 40 beach breaks, points, river mouths, piers, jetties and reefs. This is where you’ll find the world famous big wave spot Pico Alto, and the point breaks at La Herradura, Punta Rocas, La Isla,Cerro Azul and Centinela. This is the most consistent region of Peru and given its more southern location the surf can often be huge.  Although the biggest surf is generally mid winter June & July, the better months are often outside this period when the weather conditions are more favorable.

Chicama is about 300 miles north of Lima, and our packages in this area focus on the Crown Jewel of Peru, the epic left point of Chicama and the 50 miles of coast both North and South.  This region is all about the long left sand bottom points.  The swells have become more organized when they reach this far north, and the prevailing winds often blow plumes of spray off the back of each wave.  This area picks up any southerly or westerly direction, but best on the SW April through October. If the swell is big, Chicama can produce waves rideable for ¾ of a mile, if the swell is small Chicama point will pickup good swell on the tip, or produce long small longboard lines inside on the inside.  However, on a small well there are more exposed breaks like Pacasmayo that will generally be twice the size of Chicama.

Northern Peru is stretch of coastline from Tumbes near the Ecuadorian boarder to the town of Talara where the coastline makes a bend from facing SW to NW. Being so close to the most westerly point of Peru this region picks up both North and Southwest swells.  Our packages in this region are based from the small strategically positioned vacation town of Organos . There is a variety of breaks including empty beach breaks and rock reefs, but again the best spots are the sand bottom left points like Panic, Cabo Blanco and Lobitos.  – There’s something for everybody!