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Chicama Surf Resort, Peru

What to do when you're not surfing

When the 20 MPH offshore winds blow across that smooth water between the inside of the point and the pier in Malabrigo, Chicama is also a good place for sailboarding and kitesurfing.

To exercise your mind as well as your body, Chicama Surf Resort is more than a surfing resort. Archeological discoveries of great importance have earned this area the title of “the new Cusco.” At La Huaca del Sol y la Luna are adobe pyramids built by the Moche people around 300 BC. At Sipan is the “King Tut of the New World” – the burial tomb of a Mochican royal: the richest tomb discovered in the Americas.

El Brujo, Sipan and Sican are all important cultural sites on the “Ruta Moche,” but all roads lead to Chan Chan – the Surf City of ancient Peru.

Chan Chan is of equal interest to those interested in world history – and surf history. Built around 1300 AD, Chan Chan was the largest adobe city – home to 60,000. Along the beach at Chan Chan, perhaps the world’s oldest surf culture is going strong, as modern Peruvian fisherman make it out to sea and back on caballitos de totora – small craft made of reeds that Peruvians have used to get in and out of the surf, going back to 3000 BC – when Hawaii was a Polynesian myth.  You can take your turn navigating one of these traditional water craft through the surf.

The Moche temples of the sun and the moon are in the Giza of Peru, located about 15 minutes from Trujillo. According to legend, the Huaca del Sol was built in only three days by a quarter of a million men who stacked 70 million adobe bricks into a pyramid 40 meters high. Huaca de la Luna is made of overlapping structures, built over many generations and hides a tomb where 40 Moche warriors were buried – after they were sacrificed.

And if that is not enough, Chicama Surf Resort also makes available the world famous Peruvian Paso horses, for an evening trail ride or gallop along the beach to enjoy the sunset.

As with all our Peruvian packages, you may want consider a three night side trip to experience one of the greater wonders of the world such as the lost city of Machu Picchu, Cusco or the headwaters of the Amazon.