Red Frog Bungalows | SURFING

There are over 10 good waves within 20 minutes from the resort. Some of these, like the wedging right at Silverbacks, are world-class and challenging; others are beginner and intermediate-friendly. Co-owners Scott Balogh and Scott Beck have surfed all over the world, and now they explore all corners of these islands in 26-foot fast boats: Drop you in the lineup then wait in the channel with cold drinks, food and cameras while you surf your brains out.

A sample of the breaks accessible include:

Dumpers – is an Indo-style left with a big dredgy drop and mean pit outside, while the inside is a longer faster Indo style barrel.

Bluff Beach – heavy beach break, steep take off, can be dangerous when big, best at medium to high tide.

Paunch – is a handful of peaks, lefts and rights for surfers of all abilities, but has the character to turn into the best wave in the archipelago when conditions are right.

Waikiki – is an easy beach break. This is a great place to learn or sneak off and practice your nose riding.

Tiger Tail – a fun right-hander that gently peels across a reef and sand bottom.

Silverbacks – is a right reef that hucks a big barrel right on takeoff, and can get Hawaii big, a challenging wave by any standard. This wave is for experienced surfers on serious guns, and tow surfing is getting popular here.

Coco’s – is a nice right with long walls and a very slappable lip.

Black Rock – is a mellow A-frame that peels left and right off Carenaro island.

Carenaro – is a series of left-hand reefs that can line up for endless rides. There is a distinct inside and outside which separates the pack. Truly a world-class wave.

Note: It is difficult to travel to Bocas with a surfboard over 7’ due to the small aircraft utilized between Panama City and Bocas Del Toro.  If you are traveling with a longboard or in a larger group let us know so we can either arrange overland transportation of boards, or have some boards available for you upon arrival.

These are some of the spots that are named, but like the Maldives and the Mentawai, secrets are being kept and new discoveries are being made in the more remote regions of this Caribbean archipelago.
Now that you’ve read about this place and seen the photos, aren’t you a little shocked you hadn’t heard of it before?