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Come for the surf, stay for the earth. The four-year-old tropical garden is a chlorophylliac’s paradise of exotic haliconia, plumeria, gardenia, palms, and Orchids. They look beautiful, the smell will stay with you for years. The scent also attracts squadrons of butterflies and hummingbirds – featuring the Blue Morpho, one of the most exotic in the world. Panama has more species of hummingbirds than anywhere else on the planet and they are joined by parrots, yellow-tails, seahawks, woodpeckers, and pelicans.

Beyond that, enjoy all the pleasures of a tropical paradise: sun-bathing, diving, game fishing. There is fishing for tarpon, snook, bonefish, jack trevalle, barracuda, tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, snappers, and groupers along with offshore, seasonal runs of yellowfin, blackfin, and bigeye tuna, wahoo, kingfish and big yellowtail Snapper. Whale sharks, dolphin and sea turtles are sometimes spotted in these pristine waters.

There is also kite surfing, wakeboarding, diving and snorkeling. All the pleasures of Indo or the Maldives, a few hours from home.

The main town of Bocas has a great Caribbean vibe.  Small hotels, restaurants bars and shops line the coast, many with decks overhanging the protected waters.  You can walk the streets safely, or hop from spot to spot by inexpensive water taxi.

For those wishing to experience the metropolitan nightlife and shopping of Panama City, or tour the locks of the Panama Canal, pre and/or post nights in Panama City along with a city tour can be easily added to any itinerary.