Red Frog Bungalows | ACCOMMODATIONS

Kermit the Frog sang that it wasn't easy being green, but Red Frog Bungalows wouldn't have it any other way. The two unique accommodation bungalows were crafted in Bali using plantation-grown Bangkirai hardwood – termites don't even bother checking in. The furniture is made of plantation-grown Indonesian Teak. Each bungalow features an oversized queen ottoman on the first floor, queen and full size bed on the second floor, and a queen bed in the third floor loft. This allows each bungalow to sleep five comfortably and maxes at six. Although the units are not air conditioned, the tall design allows for good air flow. Bug nets are provided for those concerned about mosquitoes.

The Tentalow is a spacious 16' x 14' canvas safari tent which sits 5 feet above the jungle floor on a wraparound deck, and also has a private bathroom. For extra protection from the elements, the Tentalow sits under a large natural thatched roof made by local Ngobe Bugle Indians. The maximum occupancy is two, which is perfect if you are traveling alone or with one other individual.

Red Frog Bungalows has recently added a new accommodation for 2016, the Beachfront Frog house. The Frog House is a new beach-front home and is located only steps from Red Frog Beach. There is no better location in all of Bocas Del Toro. This is the only home on Red Frog Beach and has an amazing view of the Caribbean Ocean. The property is lined with Coconut Palms, beautifully landscaped with tropical plants and perfectly situated on the beach.

The Frog House consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, family room and patio. All of the rooms have queen-sized beds, strong fans for comfortable sleeping and the home is wired with WIFI.

Red Frog uses spring-fed filtered water and solar energy. Set in a beautiful garden/rainforest setting, Red Frog is the place to live out your Swiss Family Robinson fantasies, and get far away from the 21st Century. Most resorts boast big screen TVs and high speed Wi Fi, but Red Frog goes the other way. At the moment there is no internet access or TV at Red Frog, but all modern day technologies are just a 15 minute boat ride away on the main island. There is cell phone communications for coordinating transportation, supplies and safety, and a stereo system for your musical enjoyment.

The central fourth building contains the kitchen, dining area, lounging area, pool and ping-pong tables for fun and relaxation in between surfs.